by Tim Reichert

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Captive 02:10
I’m here for them, To entertain, To grow in fame, Take the world by the reigns. It’s a part of the game, You see- That life’s contained a part of me, That’s called to me, That's outright haunted me. It sings a song Of sombre pain, I fight against Day to day, It’s all the same, Like I’m insane. It racks my brain, You can’t relate- It’s not too late To stop it from happening. I’m just clown, a party sound, Tasked to make them laugh I found. But I’m not around… That’s their puppets sound I feel I’m naked now, I’m breaking down, exposed in this disaster town, Full of manic crowns. But it doesn’t really matter, I’m under possession now, I’m confessing pal, This is me falling down, I’m reaching out, praying, hoping someone pulls me out! And I never ever wanted this! All I want is peace, Grit my teeth, clench my fists, And now I’m pissed. Under the blitzing lights, Tonight’s the night, Prepare to fight, Pull out a knife, Protect your life! I’m tired of you liars! Pull out the pliers, Yank out your wires. No more control, I’m free from all! Now pay your toll, No mercy call, That’s all I’ve sold In this world that means no more, That is no more- To me… I’ve grown alone, Distinct made my own name, Settled down, made my piece with my old pain, Finally got a grip, tamed my own brain, Never again will the lines in my song say, The songs of cruelty, Preaching, “Gone and loony” So see now, it’s cool now? You get me. Cool T. Finally, I’ll go downtown and shake up the madhouse, Let the crazies run wild, oh hell! Finally... Watching the town spiral? Now that's my style...


Featuring ProjectAlpha22 as rapper and Jozey as lyricist!

I usually make instrumental pieces since I'm a video game composer, but I really like making tracks with vocals every now and then, like for example Soda from the album "Hope and Despair".
That's especially a practical skill to have as a VN composer where having to compose opening and ending tracks with vocals can happen quiet often.

I was really glad that I was able to work together with ProjectAlpha22 and Jozey on this, the lyrics and the rapping worked awesomely well with the instrumentals!

Check out ProjectAlpha22 over here:

And Jozey over here:


released November 10, 2018


all rights reserved



Tim Reichert Germany

Hi, I'm a German video game composer and sound designer! You can learn more about me and my music on my website or you can follow me on Twitter ( if you want to stay informed on what I'm currently working on!

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